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Cheap drop bars on a commuting bicycle look cool, but are hella uncomfortable.

46/16 gearing for a fixie in Vilnius is a bit too high if you want to get anywhere not sweating like a pig.


Inuit way to discipline children - if the child is hitting others, the mom may start by asking: 'Why don't you hit me?'. Then the child has to think: 'What should I do?'. If the child takes the bait and hits the mom, she doesn't scold or yell but instead acts out the consequences. 'Ow, that hurts' she might exclaim. The mom continues to emphasize the consequences by asking a follow-up question. For example: 'Don't you like me?' or 'Are you a baby?' She is getting across the idea that hitting hurts people's feelings, and 'big girls' wouldn't hit. But, again, all questions are asked with a hint of playfulness. These dramas teach children not to be provoked easily.a

Using storytelling to discipline children: 'If a child walks too close to the water, the monster will put you in his pouch, drag you down to the ocean and adopt you out to another family.<..>My parents would check inside our ears, and if there was too much wax in there, it meant we were not listening.'


Gin and ginger beer, garnish with lemon wedge - The Gin Buck. Add a splash of lemon juice and it's Leap Frog.


BLUF is a military communications acronym - it stands for bottom line up front - that's designed to enforce speed and clarity in reports and emails.


Let pizza dough rise at least for 2 hours, preferably overnight, but do not let it get dry.


The mask you want is P95


Quickly check documents in the index: http://localhost:9200/index_*/_search


Use separate email addresses (eg. for different services, so that you know who leaked your data to spammers. Fastmail and many other paid email providers support this with minimal configuration. Do not use, as that is easy to detect and clean up.


Do not go above 2RM weights when training. The chance of injury is just not worth it.

Try to achieve your dream body by the age of 25. Improving health and fitness gets much harder than maintaining it with each passing year, so get an early start.

Going to the gym more than 4 times a week is counter-productive in the long run (to most people).


As a rule of thumb, the total weight of load you carry should be no more than 10% of your bodyweight.

Apart from the price, size and durability, these are the things to consider when choosing a backpack: back ventilation, weight, access points to the main compartment, belt pockets.

If you are travelling in reasonably warm temperatures (above freezing point) and are staying in hotels, do not attempt to stay dry at all times; instead make sure your clothes are functional when wet and dry out quickly. Waterproof gear is usually more expensive, bulky and does not ventilate well.


Another project I work on is called Around the World Cuisine. For the past four or five years, I’ve challenged myself to cook a dish from every single country. My criteria for success? I want to be able to prepare it well enough that if someone from that country tries it they aren’t offended on behalf of their cuisine.


Markets are not always or even usually correct. But NO ONE PERSON OR INSTITUTION CONSISTENTLY KNOWS MORE THAN THE MARKET. - Burton G. Malkiel, A Random Walk down Wall Street

The market can remain irrational longer than the arbitrageur can remain solvent.

Our conclusion is that, with few exceptions, when a management with a reputation for brilliance tackles a business with a reputation for poor fundamental economics, it is the reputation of the business that remains intact. -Warren Buffett


How to meet people: do good work, so that you would have something to offer; do something interesting, so that you would have something to tell; be where people are; do not go to events where everyone has an agenda; listen more than you talk; dress accordingly - do not be "that weird guy"; socialize for the sake of it, not for some personal gain apart from relationship itself;

Doing what you can with what you have.

I stopped striving for happiness when I realized that I'm been very good at finding new things to be unhappy about. Now my goal is to simply live a good life and do well by others, which is much less elusive.

Wabi-sabi: nothing is permanent; nothing is finished; nothing is perfect. Imperfection creates individuality, and individuality adds value."

Social media is like high school all over again.


Avoid triggering the Dock accidentaly - set a delay to a few seconds: 'defaults write autohide-delay -float 3'; reset by: 'defaults delete autohide-delay'. You can still see the dock by alt+cmd+d or control+up.


What would the impact on our business be if we built the best possible, state of the art feature here?; What would the impact on our business be if we half-assed a solution in a quarter of the time?; What would the impact on our business be if we utterly failed? -Anonymous


How to coil a cable - the over-under technique:


Simplest zero-padding implementation possible: sprintf('%03d', )

Run tests constantly, show output with color: watch -c vendor/bin/phpunit --stop-on-failure


Software engineering is inherently difficult, since the systems we're modelling are quite arbitrary, because they are made up by humans. In math or physics models can be neat and beautiful, because ultimately they are based in reality - they make sense by definition. Software is not constrained by the need to make sense, and so all that complexity has to go somewhere. No new tool can improve productivity by an order of magnitude. You can solve accidental difficulties, but essential difficulties remain. That's my key takeaway from No Silver Bullet by Fred Brooks.


It is telling that the first recorded name in history belongs to an accountant, rather than a prophet, a poet or a great conqueror. - Yuval Noah Harari

The heart of another is a dark forest. - Turgenev

He could beat anything, he thought, because no thing could hurt him if he did not care. - Ernest Hemingway

There is nothing so pitiful as a young cynic because he has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing. - Maya Angelou

For all practical purposes, if all of your enemies are well, happy and peaceful, they would not be your enemies. - Bhante Gunaratana

Being right is easy. Being relevant is extremely difficult.

Style is the answer to everything. / A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing / To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it / To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art / Bullfighting can be an art / Boxing can be an art / Loving can be an art / Opening a can of sardines can be an art / Not many have style / Not many can keep style / I have seen dogs with more style than men, / although not many dogs have style. / Cats have it with abundance. / When Hemingway put his brains to the wall with a shotgun, / that was style. / Or sometimes people give you style / Joan of Arc had style / John the Baptist / Jesus / Socrates / Caesar / García Lorca. / I have met men in jail with style. / I have met more men in jail with style than men out of jail. / Style is the difference, a way of doing, a way of being done. / Six herons standing quietly in a pool of water, / or you, naked, walking out of the bathroom without seeing me. / ― Charles Bukowski

Inexperienced, underplanned, underequipped - three conditions that make an adventure.

Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray's case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the wet


Diavolo is my favorite pizza: spread tomatoe pasta mixed with chili flakes on dough, shred mozzarella and add red salami on top.

Single serving of sphagetti carbonara: 100-120g sphagetti, 50g guanciale (fatty bacon can be close enough substitute), 1 clove of garlic, 20g of parmigiano, black pepper. Add boiled pasta straight to the fried meat with garlic, mix well to soak in all the fat, add some of the pasta water to frying pan to reduce the head. Take the pan off the heat, add beaten eggs mixed with grated parmigiano and black pepper to pasta and mix everything quickly. Eggs should cover pasta in cream. The key is to reduce temperature in the pan enough so that eggs would not get fried.

Cheap and quick lentil stew: 300g. red lentils, 2 carrots, onion, 2 garlic gloves, ~400g fresh or canned tomatoes, ~1.5l water or broth. Fry grated carrots, chopped onion and garlic in a large pot. Add water/broth, lentils, boil for ~10mins. Add tomatoes towards the end. Potatoes, rice can be added to the mix.

My perfect coffee: french press; 30 g. of fresh medium-coarse grind ("Brazil Yellow Bourbon Fazenda Rainha"); 600 ml. of water (1:20) 1-2 minutes after the boiling point; 5 min. brew time. This gives you 2 large cups of coffe (~8 % of water is absorbed by grounds). I'm using a very basic Ikea's french press Upphetta (1 liter, more like 900 ml. really) and Hario Skerton grinder (will buy Hario Mini Mill Slim next time though). I've tried quite a few fancy recipes and methods, but this one feels like home.

Cottage cheese pancakes: the ratio is 1 egg to 50g of flour to 100g of cottage cheese to 1/3 spoon of sugar. Some cinnamon can be added too.


Get client (connection) list: > redis-cli > CLIENT LIST

Check redis status with commands INFO, MONITOR (live, so reduces server throughput)


Bypass bash aliases by prepending commands with \, for example: \ls

Grep: return multiple lines surrounding the matching line: -A 3 (after) -B 3 (before)


Reset your password: set 'password' value to the new password in site/users/USERNAME.yaml and login - it will be immediately encrypted

Admin control panel: /cp


Get the size of directory: du -hs /usr/ports


Always defaulting to action (within reason) helps the whole team move faster, reduce wasteful times and increase ownership.